The Online Health and Wellness Coach You Can Rely On

Brew City Wellness is your trusted provider of wellness and health coaching solutions. I am passionate about helping you find the motivation to achieve your goals. I can change your life for the better by focusing on all aspects of wellness as the total solution for change.


What Sets Me Apart

I like to approach what I do with a mindset primed for success. When developing solutions for you, I create a balance between maintaining your physical fitness and meeting your nutritional needs.


Commitment is the Key to Your Success

If you want to change for the better, you have to go all in. The best way to commit to achieving your goals is to make self-improvement a permanent part of your life.


Jump-Start a Career in the Wellness Industry

My goal is to help women build their online wellness businesses. When you partner with me, you can earn an income while helping people take care of their fitness needs. Transitioning to a career in wellness will make it a permanent priority in your life.


A Brand That Puts a Premium on Authenticity

I take pride in the brand I built that represents me fully. I place an emphasis on nutrition recognizing that there is no such thing as bad movement. Placing an emphasis on whole, supportive nutrition is a game changer that will get you into your skinny jeans.

How It All Started

I graduated with a degree in Communication from the University of Wisconsin and began working for a large chain of health clubs in the Minneapolis market. It was here where I learned about the workings of a large health club that had a corporate wellness niche. I later moved to Milwaukee where I worked for my family business and continued my passion for wellness working part-time at a local health club chain. Through having a family I had huge results working with an online trainer and doing some in-home fitness programs by Beachbody. It was when I decided to open my own personal training studios that everything changed for me as I became a certified fitness trainer and focused on creating an emphasis on nutrition with my clients. Having a busy family I knew that quality movement could happen outside of my studios if I taught clients the importance of a well rounded wellness program. It was during this time that I placed an emphasis on my Move More philosophy. Emphasizing that movement was key but supportive nutrition was essential to health. As the wellness industry changed I changed. I made the decision to sell the personal training studios and focus on women as my niche with a boot camp model that I began in 2009. Brew City Wellness, Inc later would be known as a boot camp, small group training TRX niche business model that worked out of churches, parks and eventually Bella via Dance Studio. Having a passion for coaching athletes I also provided local area teams volunteer support with strength and conditioning. Growing up as an athlete and now as a parent I understood the importance of being as involved as possible in community athletics. I believe as one of the only female coaches that I also provided a strong female role model for many of the area athletes that I had the opportunity to coach. In 2016 I was introduced to the possibility of adding Beachbody to my business and saw the opportunity as a way to help my female clients again move more and place more of an emphasis on nutrition. When introduced to the on demand platform I realized that I would be able to offer the total solution for my clients. I also discovered that I would be able to mentor other women who had a passion for wellness to begin their own online wellness businesses. Mentoring other women to make wellness a career was a dream come true. In 2018 I made the decision to move my business to a virtual wellness business. This has allowed me to help more clients see results not only in their wellness but in their lives. This has brought me to my mission - to push women to make time for fitness, eat healthier, and live a bigger life.